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1. I can’t find the answer I need on your website. How can I get in touch with a knowledgeable person at XPR?
XPR is dedicated to supporting and serving our clientele. Our customer service department is experienced and knowledgeable, and able to address any/all of your questions and concerns. XPR’s customer service department is also able to coordinate contact with a department or service specific representative; to address all specialties and areas of expertise.


2. How do I search for a specific chemicals?

You can search by CAS NO. or product name in searching tools on main page, it will show the result, if can’t find the product, please contact us


3. Can I specify the packaging for my order and shipment?

XPR has a multitude of vial, tube, and plate options, which you can specify at time of order. We are also able to customize your shipping packaging and paperwork to satisfy your requirements. Additionally, XPR is able to process orders and shipments using client supplied vials, plates, and packaging. Contact our customer service department with any specialty requests.


4. What are the shipping and handling expenses for an order?

Shipping and handling costs are calculated at the time of shipment, based on the shipping requirements for your ordered compounds.


5. How can I receive a discount from XPR?

Discounts are offered to a variety of XPR’s clientele based on their company’s usage and demand. Contact our customer service department for details.


6. How are orders shipped from XPR? What shipping carriers does XPR use?

Shipping and handling costs are calculated at the time of shipment, based on the shipping requirements for your ordered compounds.


7. I received an incorrect item(s) in my order; who can I speak with?

XPR’s customer service department is dedicated to providing the highest level of service, and ensuring your satisfaction with our products and services. In the event your order does not meet your expectations, please contact XPR customer service for prompt resolve.


8. The published price on the web does not match the FSSI quotation pricing.


9. How do I determine the status/tracking details of my order?

Once XPR has completed your order, a confirmation email is sent containing tracking information and details. Using the tracking number assigned to your shipment, you can follow the progress of your order.


10. I need assistance with customs clearance, can you please provide me with the necessary information; Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

If you are in need of any related information, please contact XPR’s customer service department. We will walk you through the necessary steps to expedite customs clearance for your shipment. Additionally, our shipping and receiving staff are well versed in customs clearance and related methodology to expedite your shipments.


11. How does XPR ensure quality of materials for orders?

XPR is dedicated to maintaining the quality of all products and inventories. Our skilled weighing technicians undergo extensive training and re-training exercises to ensure quality in order fulfillment. XPR also ensures the quality of materials via regular analytical reviews and evaluations. XPR only uses the most reliable vendors for compound purchasing, with reputable histories, and the highest quality products. Lastly, XPR’s synthesis laboratories and collaborators undergo regular evaluations and reviews to ensure the highest quality in production of materials.


12. I am looking for a chemical that is not listed by FSSI; can FSSI acquire it for me?

XPR has a vast vendor and collaborator pool, where custom requests are supported. If we are unable to purchase the chemical(s) required, XPR will utilize our custom synthesis capabilities to produce the target chemical and ensure the most competitive pricing and lead-time. Please submit your request to our customer service representatives for prompt turn around.